We really, really want to win and finish the series above Spain; there is no doubt about that.

As I mentioned in my earlier column, we are motivated by more than winning. All that we’ve been saying during the season is still a part of who we are as a team.

We represent the game of rugby in my country, but are also ambassadors to hundreds of girls in all of South America that love and embrace this sport every day.

Whatever happens, joy or despair, come Monday and we will be ready to continue working hard for whatever goal comes ahead.

Obviously, what comes next is to play for a place in Rugby World Cup Sevens which will be at the Valentín Martínez tournament in Montevideo in November.

We went to Dubai when everything was new; we played in Moscow and of course, we want to be in San Francisco to continue learning how to play against the best.

Rugby never stops and the Olympic Games road to Tokyo 2020 is already in process; with new ideas and changes in the making to allow us to be more competitive when it comes to playing for a place there and if the dream of playing again in an Olympic Game comes to fruition, we want to be in our best shape.

We, the oldies, are still in the team trying to assist with the transition for a player-base that is growing. We still have the same will to give everything for the jersey and the younger players know that they need to work really hard to take our places. We love playing for Brazil and we love rugby.

Looking to the future, we must continue working on achieving consistency – we’ve had good games but it is never enough. In Canada, at the last round, we had a bad tournament in terms of losses, but we were competitive against big teams, coming close in a few games.

We must start winning and continue to win. We work hard on consistency.

Now, we are only focused on the weekend. We’ll give everything we have and only think on this. The goal is clear, to finish ahead of Spain. If we achieve that, we will continue competing which, in turn, will allow us to continue growing ahead of Rugby World Cup 7s in San Francisco and the Olympic Games.

If we don’t achieve that goal, we’ll go out with a smile, knowing we did everything that had to be done and we’ll harder to try tor return to the elite of women’s rugby.


The last round of the HSBC World Rugby Women's Sevens Series gets underway in Clermont-Ferrand on Saturday. Click here to find out where you can watch.