As it moves into its second decade, the partnership between HSBC and the World Rugby Sevens Series remains at the heart of the sport, helping communities around the world to experience the extraordinary spectacle of rugby sevens.

Rugby Sevens reflects many of HSBC’s core values. The sport brings together fans and players from all over the world in a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity. Rugby sevens is also driving the growth of women’s rugby. HSBC played a key role in securing the increased number of women’s tournaments for 2020, an exciting change that will bring long-term benefits for both the men’s and the women’s game. This year, we will see eight women’s tournaments, up from six in 2019. Six of these will be joint with the men’s tournament.

HSBC also has a global rugby grassroots programme which aims to take the health, wellbeing and societal benefits of the sevens to more people in more markets. Over 502,900 children across the globe have been through these grassroots programmes over the last 10 years.

At an elite level, HSBC and World Rugby continue to work together to celebrate rugby sevens by telling the stories of its talented players and successful teams. Follow @HSBC_Sport social channels to see the very best from this incredible sport.