We are proud to bring our expertise and passion for innovation and technology to the Series, from enhancing the fan experience to providing deeper insights into the game of Rugby Sevens, the players, and the teams. 
Sevens is a fast-paced, full-on festival of action, but it is also a game that throws up some brilliant surprises. We have worked together with World Rugby to develop the Momentum Tracker, a new and unique way to understand the Movers and Shakers in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series celebrating the teams that have upped their performance and climbed the rankings. Results will be tracked throughout all the rounds, culminating in an award given at the end of the season.

We have aggregated a wide range of key match data, collaborated with rugby analysts and had our data experts create a unique algorithm to provide fans with the science behind the story and let them #beaheadofthegame

Capgemini Momentum Tracker

*Performance score is the result of a precise algorithm developed by Capgemini Data analyst team together with World Rugby. It aggregates a set of data such as Win Ratio, points differential or restarts regain.

*Evolution score measures the improvement of the team performance compared to the previous tournament and the average performance score over the series.

Not only the Momemtum Tracker rewards the high performing team, but it also highlights the teams that make great improvement from one tournament to another and throughout the season.

*The overall season Tracker uses the results of each tournament and the evolution in season series ranking versus last year.