At Capgemini, we LOVE Rugby Sevens and we are proud to be the Global Innovation Partner of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. Since January 2018, Capgemini has been bringing its expertise and passion for innovation and technology to the Series, with a focus on enhancing the fan experience and providing deeper insights into the game of Rugby Sevens, the players, and the teams. 

The latest enhancement is the Capgemini Momentum Tracker, a unique tool to measure the teams’ performance at individual tournaments and their capacity to improve throughout the new season. Using advanced data analytics, the Tracker recognises not only the high performing teams, but also those showing high growth in performance; after each tournament and at the end of the season, we will celebrate the team that demonstrated the most momentum, either through outstanding performance rates or a high potential for growth. The Tracker champions the high achievers of today and tomorrow.

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Capgemini Momentum Tracker

*Performance score is the result of a precise algorithm developed by Capgemini Data analyst team together with World Rugby. It aggregates a set of data such as Win Ratio, points differential or restarts regain.

*Evolution score measures the improvement of the team performance compared to the previous tournament and the average performance score over the series.

Not only the Momemtum Tracker rewards the high performing team, but it also highlights the teams that make great improvement from one tournament to another and throughout the season.

*The overall season Tracker uses the results of each tournament and the evolution in season series ranking versus last year.