Laws of the Game

The full Laws of the Game are available here in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Italian. Individual Laws can also be accessed, as can law variations for Under 19s and Sevens and the refereeing signals booklet; also the latest Law Rulings and amendments.


The World Rugby Regulations Relating to the Game (including Regulation 21 pertaining to anti-doping) are incorporated in the World Rugby Handbook together with information about the World Rugby, the World Rugby Bye-Laws, General Regulations and the World Rugby Tours Agreement. The World Rugby Handbook is available in the three World Rugby official languages (English, French and Spanish).

Equipment Approval

Click here to see all of the approved manufacturers for shoulder and head wear and women's padding. Also given here is information on how to contact an approved testing house in order to become an approved manufacturer.

Clarifications in Law

Occasionally an World Rugby member union requests a ruling to be made on a specific Law of the Game. These are subsequently discussed and answered by the relevant Council committee and documented in this section.

Laws App

Click here to download the World Rugby Laws app (iOS)