• World Rugby CEO And RWCL Managing Director
    Brett Gosper
  • CEO/Chairman's Office Manager
    Myra McGlynn

Commercial, Broadcast and Marketing

  • Executive Producer, HSBC Sevens
    Steve Jamieson
  • Marketing Manager
    Brae Mort


  • Head Of Communications
    Dominic Rumbles
  • Content And Programming Manager
    James Abraham
  • Social Media Manager
    James Bass
  • Social Communities Executive
    Adrian D’Arcy
  • Web & Publications Editor
    Karen Bond
  • Brand And Events Manager
    Bree Hassanein
  • Brand Coordinator
    Lynda Jones
  • Digital Project Manager
    Pierre Turpin


  • Head Of Finance, Travel And IT / Chief Financial Officer
    Robert Brophy
  • ERP Functional Lead
    Anthony Downey
  • Accounts Receivable / Payroll Manager
    Margaret Downey
  • Accounts Payable Manager
    Lynn Donohoe
  • Financial Controller
    Susan Spellman
  • ERP Project Manager
    Clare Skelly
  • Strategy And Organisation Performance Co-Ordinator
    Erin Brown
  • Finance Manager
    Joan McElwain
  • Accounts Assistant
    Emma Dunne

Development and International Relations

  • Head Of Development And International Relations
    David Carrigy
  • General Manager Development
    Morgan Buckley
  • Rugby Services Manager Oceania
    Bruce Cook
  • Translation Coordinator
    Gilles Fabre
  • Regional General Manager Americas
    Tom Jones
  • Member Services Manager
    Colum Lavery
  • Development & International Relations Project Manager
    Jaime McKeown
  • Development Coordinator
    Anne O'Callaghan
  • Development & International Relations Coordinator
    Declan O'Dwyer
    Regional Development Manager South America
    Santiago Ramallo
  • Rugby Services Manager Asia
    Ridzal Saat
  • General Manager Women’s Rugby
    Katie Sadleir
  • Rugby Services Manager Europe
    Jason Lewis
  • Rugby Services Manager Africa
    Stephanus Nel


  • General Counsel
    Alistair Maclean
  • PA To The Head Of Legal Affairs
    Joyce Hayes
  • PA To Legal And Legislative Affairs
    Caroline Nolan
  • Senior Legal Counsel
    Yvonne Nolan
  • Senior Legal Counsel And Integrity Unit Manager
    Ben Rutherford
  • Senior Legal Counsel
    Lynsey Mulvihill

Competitions and Performance

  • Head Of Competitions & Performance
    Mark Egan
  • General Manager Competitions
    Philippe Bourdarias
  • General Manager High Performance
    Peter Horne
  • High Performance Coordinator
    Agnes Congoste
  • Competitions Coordinator
    Clara Gonzalez
  • Competitions Operations Manager
    Michael Groom
  • Competitions Operations Manager Sevens
    Alison Hughes
  • High Performance Match Officials Manager
    Alain Rolland
  • Competitions Operations Manager Fifteens
    Simon Kibble
  • Competitions Operations Manager Sevens
    Douglas Langley
  • High Performance Sevens Referee Manager
    Paddy O'Brien
  • Match Officials And Competitions Coordinator
    Tracy O'Callaghan
  • Competitions Project Manager
    Deirdre O'Sullivan
  • Competitions Administrator
    Cian Twomey
  • High Performance Programme Manager
    Chris McCarthy
  • Referee Talent Development Coach
    Craig Joubert
  • Competitions And Performance Project Co-Ordinator
    Sue O’Connor
  • Citing Commissioner Manager
    Steve Hinds

Technical Services

  • Head Of Technical Services
    Mark Harrington
  • Anti-Doping Coordinator
    Ross Blake
  • Research Turf And Equipment Manager
    Marc Douglas
  • Technical Services Coordinator
    Deirdre Keating
  • Game Analyst And Physical Conditioner
    Phil Dunne
  • General Manager Anti-Doping
    Mike Earl
  • Game Analyst
    Ben Hester
  • Anti-Doping Manager - Compliance And Results
    David Ho
  • Game Analysis Manager
    Rhys Jones
  • Anti-Doping Administrator
    Stuart Kelly
  • Training Manager - Workforce And Product Development
    Jock Peggie
  • Chief Medical Officer
    Dr Martin Raftery
  • Technical Services Administrator
    Jennifer Wilson
  • Technical Services Researcher
    Mike Hislop

Rugby World Cup

  • Head Of Rugby World Cup
    Alan Gilpin
  • RWC Team Services Manager
    Enda Connolly
  • RWC Host Union Services Manager
    Linda Hoey
  • RWC Rugby Services Manager
    Simone Papirnik
  • RWC Venues And Cities Manager
    Ross Aitken
  • General Manager
    Rob Abernethy
  • RWC Team Administrator
    Amy Bell
  • Bilingual Administrator
    Yumiko Kinoshita
  • Marketing And Communications Manager
    Hiroko Ozawa

Human Resources

  • Head Of Human Resources
    Lisa Lowry
  • HR Advisor
    Sarah Carew


  • General Manager IT
    John Corbett
  • IT Manager - Projects And Operations
    Ronan Donagher
  • IT Support Analyst And Projects
    Darren Gibson
  • Information Technology Manager RWC 2019
    Chris Hope
  • Systems Administrator
    Gearoid Slowey
  • Technical Desktop Support
    Steven Hughes


  • Travel Manager