World Rugby has launched a process to appoint its first Independent Ethics Officer, supporting the adoption of World Rugby’s Integrity Code, which was a key outcome of its recent governance review. 

The independent-led governance review strengthened the effectiveness, agility and representative nature of World Rugby’s governance structures to further reflect and serve the universality and diversity of rugby and support robust decision-making processes for the betterment of the global game. 

The review resulted in a new merit-based classification of unions to replace the tier structure, new targets on widening female, independent, player and nation/region representation within World Rugby’s committees and the adoption of a new Integrity Code to include the standards and vetting process for the international federation’s officials.  

Watch: Independent Governance Review chair Sir Hugh Robertson on World Rugby’s transformational governance changes

The new Integrity Code reflects best-practice in corporate and sporting governance and underscores World Rugby’s strategic mission to uphold the integrity of the sport through, among other areas, the adoption and maintenance of a fit and proper person vetting test for World Rugby officials.  

The Independent Ethics Officer will act at all times independently of World Rugby and responsibilities include assessment of eligibility of persons to be appointed as World Rugby officials, and investigating potential breaches of the Integrity Code. 

World Rugby is aiming to identify candidates with a high level of expertise in investigatory, regulatory and ethics matters and who do not hold a position within a rugby body in order to protect independence.   

World Rugby Chairman, Sir Bill Beaumont said: “When I was re-elected as World Rugby Chairman, reforming and strengthening World Rugby’s governance structures was a key priority.  

“We have been busy implementing the transformational recommendations of the independent-led review and the appointment of an Independent Ethics Officer is central to that process, supporting the adoption of a new Integrity Code.” 

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