1.                Meetings

1.1              Agenda

A Union may decide as to whether or not it discloses proposals it has remitted to the Council, but remits from other Unions remain confidential.

1.2              Public Announcement

Council shall procure that arrangements are in place to ensure timely and accurate announcements of and effect given to decisions made by Council.

1.3              Duration of Meetings

A minimum of one day should normally be allowed for the Annual and Interim Meetings of the Council. The dates and venues shall be in accordance with Bye-Law 9.4.

1.4              Voting

Under no circumstances shall voting by proxy be allowed at a Council Meeting.

1.5              Minutes

Draft minutes of meetings shall be sent first to the Chairman of the Council and to the Chairman of any relevant Committees for amendment and/or comment. Thereafter the draft minutes shall be circulated by the Chief Executive Officer to Council representatives and to Member Unions. The Minutes of a meeting shall be approved at the Annual Meeting, and thereafter printed for circulation.

1.6              Council Committees

Where a committee of the Council comprises a Representative from each Union represented on the Council and it is not possible for that representative to attend a meeting or meetings, his Union may appoint another person to take his place.

2.                Finance

2.1              Bank Account

2.1.1          An Account shall be opened in the name of World Rugby and the bank shall be authorised to honour all cheques, transfers or other orders of payment drawn on such account if signed according to the foregoing:

(i)      by any 2 of the Chief Executive Officer, the Head of Finance, the Chairman or, Vice-Chairman and for amounts not higher than £5,000; or

(ii)     by two of the above persons excluding the Head of Finance for amounts in excess of £25,000.

(iii)    The CEO and Head of Finance shall be authorised to open additional bank accounts for World Rugby entities as considered necessary provided they accord with the Authority levels agreed by EXCO.

2.2              Union's Contributions

2.2.1          Unions shall contribute on 1 January of each year a membership subscription which amount will be determined by the Council at its Interim Meeting.

2.3              Accounting Records

Accounting records shall be opened and kept by a qualified person in such detail as to enable the World Rugby's income, expenditures and balance sheet to be properly prepared, analysed and audited.

2.4              Expenses

2.4.1           Expenses include travel fares as well as reasonable expenses for accommodation, subsistence and communication while attending meetings.

2.4.2           Travel expenditures when on Council's business will be on the basis of “Business or Executive Class” in the case of air travel exceeding eight hours travel time and on the basis of “economy” fare for other travel. The World Rugby CEO has discretion to deviate from the eight hour policy on a case by case basis. Other expenses may be claimed in accordance with the expense policies set out in the World Rugby Handbook..

3.                General

3.1              Implementation

Regulations adopted by the Council are to take effect immediately unless otherwise stated.

3.2              World Rugby's Handbook

The World Rugby's Handbook for the year must include Instructions and Notes on the Laws of the Game.

3.3              Trade Marks

No individual or organisation may reproduce the World Rugby’s logo, which is a registered trade mark, without a formal licence from World Rugby. World Rugby may from time to time make available to Representatives free of charge certain articles of clothing bearing the World Rugby’s logo and/or name. Articles may from time to time be available for purchase by Representatives from World Rugby.

3.4              Copyright

World Rugby is the sole and exclusive owner of the copyright in the Bye-Laws, Regulations Relating to the Game and the General Regulations.