1.1 For the purposes of these Bye-Laws the following terms have the meanings below assigned to them:

Association means an Association of national Rugby Unions recognised by the Council and elected to be a member of World Rugby by a majority of at least three quarters of the Council.

Audit and Risk Committee means the committee set out in Bye-Law 11.4.

Bye-Laws means the Bye-Laws for the time being adopted by World Rugby and in force.

Chairman means the chairman of Council from time to time, who shall be a member of Council at the time of his election as Chairman.

Chief Executive Officer/CEO means the chief executive officer or secretary general of World Rugby and the Company from time to time.

Chief Medical Officer means the chief medical officer of World Rugby appointed by the Chief Executive Officer from time to time.

Council means World Rugby’s Council which comprises representatives of Unions and Associations appointed as provided in the Bye-Laws and who comprise the committee that has the ultimate and supreme legislative authority in respect of the affairs of World Rugby. The powers of the Council are set out in Bye-Law 9.4.

Common Association Constitution means the Constitution approved by Council pursuant to which Associations are required to administer and govern their affairs, management and governance.

Company means World Rugby Limited, a private company limited by shares incorporated in Ireland through which the Executive Committee shall carry out its functions.

Effective Date means the effective date of commencement of these Bye-Laws being October 27, 2015 (without prejudice to the retrospective effect of Bye-Laws 16.1 and 16.2). Prior to such date the pre-existing Bye-Laws of World Rugby shall remain fully in force and effect.

Executive Committee means the committee set out in Bye-Law 10. The Executive Committee shall carry out its role and functions through the Company of which the members of the Executive Committee shall be directors.

Foundation Union means the Rugby Football Union, the Scottish Rugby Union, the Irish Rugby Football Union, the Welsh Rugby Union, the Australian Rugby Football Union, the New Zealand Rugby Football Union, the South African Rugby Football Union and the Fédération Française de Rugby.

Game means rugby football played in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

Independent Vote Chair means the independent chair of the voting process pursuant to Bye-Law 9.6.2(b).

Initial Independent Delegates means the persons appointed to fulfil the roles of the independent Chairman and Independent Member on the initial Nominations Committee by the Executive Committee pursuant to the transitional provisions set out in Bye-Law 11.6.5.

International Match means a Match played between National Representative Teams selected by Unions.

Independence Criteria means that the person has not held any position or been employed in any Union, Club and/or Rugby Body for at least three years prior to the time of appointment and desists from any such involvement throughout the duration of his tenure on the Executive Committee and/or Standing Committee.

Independent Member means a member of the Executive Committee and/or a Standing Committee who meets the Independence Criteria.

Match means a contest in which two teams compete against the other in playing the Game.

Material Benefit means money, consideration, gifts or other benefits whatsoever promised or given to a Person or at his direction, but does not include reimbursement of expenses incurred for reasonable travel, accommodation, subsistence or other expenses incurred in relation to the Game.

National Representative Team means a team selected by a Union to represent that Union.

National Squad means the group of players (of any number) selected by a Union from time to time from which players may be nominated to represent that Union’s two Senior National Representative Teams.

Nominations Committee means the committee set out in Bye-Law 11.6.

Officer means any of the Chairman of Council, the Vice-Chairman of Council and the Chief Executive Officer from time to time and Officers shall means such persons collectively.

Other Committee means a committee set out in or established under Bye-Law 13.

Person means a player, trainer, referee, touch judge, coach, selector, medical officer, physiotherapist or any other individual who is or has been at any time involved in the Game, or in the organisation, administration or promotion of the Game.

Previous Bye-Laws means the Bye-Laws of World Rugby in existence immediately prior to the Effective Date.

Regional Committee means the committee set out in Bye-Law 11.5.

Regulations means Regulations Relating to the Game and General Regulations binding on all Unions and Associations and which have already been passed by the Council or which may hereafter be passed by the Council under the powers herein contained.

Regulations Committee means the committee set out in Bye-Law 11.3.

Representative means a member of the Council.

Rugby Committee means the committee set out in Bye-Law 11.2.

Standing Committee means a committee set out in Bye-Law 11.

Tours Agreement means the agreement approved by the Council which provides for the terms under which a Union visits another Union or Unions.

Union means every national Rugby Union for the time being in membership of World Rugby.

Vice-Chairman means the vice-chairman of Council from time to time, who will be a Representative of either a Union or Association on Council.

World Rugby means the association of Unions and/or Associations, in membership of World Rugby in accordance with the Bye-Laws, formerly known as International Rugby Board.