Daniel Carroll was a double Olympic gold-medallist – with his native Australia in 1908 and then as player-coach of the USA team in 1920.

A gifted utility back and the youngest member of the squad aged 20, Carroll made a significant contribution to the successful ‘First Wallabies’ tour of the northern hemisphere in 1908-09, scoring twice as Great Britain were defeated at the Games in London. 

Having made his test debut against Wales on that tour, Carroll had to wait another four years for his second cap – against the USA in California. Carroll stayed on in America to study and was capped three times by his adopted country, whom he served with distinction during World War I as a Lieutenant in the US Army.

His second USA cap came as player-coach against France at the 1920 Games in Antwerp. His tactical know-how was invaluable to an otherwise inexperienced squad and the USA defied their underdog status to win 8-0.