Namibia player PJ Vann Lill received a red card for acts of foul play contrary to Law 9.12 (striking with the arm) during Namibia’s Rugby World Cup 2019 warm-up match against Southern Kings on 7 September 2019.  The player admitted that he had committed acts of foul play worthy of a red card.  The panel imposed the mandatory mid-range entry point sanction for contact with the head, resulting in a starting sanction of 6 weeks.  Taking into account the fact that the player admitted the act, and had a clean disciplinary record, the player’s sanctions was reduced by 50% taking the final sanction to 3 weeks for each player.

The player will miss Namibia’s first three matches in the Rugby World Cup 2019 and is free to play again on 7 October 2019.

The player may appeal the decision within 48 hours of receiving the written decision.

The full written decision is available here.