Rugby is growing at an unprecedented rate around the world and the financial success of Rugby World Cup enables World Rugby to fund the development and growth of the Game worldwide. However, as the Game grows so does the demand for financial resources.

95% of World Rugby’s revenue, is reinvested directly back into the Game via the Member Unions and World Rugby’s targeted funding programmes.

 Funding Programme



 Development £8.23m £29.31m
 Regional competitions £3.82m £13.96m
 Totals £12.05m £43.27m

Commercial and Sponsorship

A new support service was trialled in Oceania in 2013 to provide information and expertise to Unions in the area of commercial, marketing and sponsorship support. This will be expanded in 2014 to the other Regions.

Targeted Union Audit Process and New Online Reporting System Implemented

In 2012 we moved all our development grant applications onto a new online system. This now gives us the ability to track and manage investment, global player and game data, revenue, expenditure and improve our risk analysis of our Member Unions and compare them across standard criteria. The Regional Associations are briefed on the findings of these reviews and consulted on the proposed findings and recommendations. We are now implementing a new banding process to reflect the reality of how our Unions are progressing and to provide a more robust process of categorising our Unions for investment purposes. The revised classifications are:

 High Performance

 High Performance High Performance Tier 1 (T1) &
 High Performance Tier 2 (T2)

 Performance Performance 1 (P1) & Performance (P2)
 Development Development 1 (D1), Development 2 (D2) &
 Development 3 (D3)

This approach applies recognised terminology, clear definitions and broadens the scope of how we work with and support Unions. Development Grant funding will be allocated for both Core and Programme funding. Minimum and maximum amounts of funding will be available at each of the Banding levels.

World Rugby Development Investment Programmes

The investment programmes available from World Rugby are:

Development Investment 


1. Core Funding Investment to support effective operation of the Union in  the following areas.
1.1 Governance Governance, leadership and strategy
1.2 Administration Salaries and overheads
2. Programme Funding Investment to develop the game in the following key  strategic areas
2.1 Participation  Implementing programmes to grow the game
2.2 Training & Education Training coaches, match officials and key personnel
2.3 Competitions Running national competitions
2.4 Performance Technical support to improve performance
2.5 Women’s Rugby Initiatives to develop women’s rugby
3. Regional Investment Provision of core and programme funding to the six  Regional Associations of World Rugby
Strategic Initiatives Details
High Performance Funding Available to T1, T2 and P1 Unions to improve competitiveness  in the Rugby World Cup
 and major events
Major Markets Fund Investment for development of the game in major economic  markets

The summary details of the investments in 2013 is:
Development Grant Investment to Member Unions & Regional Associations in 2013 – £7.25million